Power UP -  

Plug into wall socket.  

Turn on.  High pitch sound will occur.  This will quickly stop.  Settling to green power on light, and low noise mode.

DO NOT use with a Power Inverter (Trucks, RV and Camping Power Accessories), or Step up Step Down Power (Foreign Country Power Converters. Their use will damage the unit and you will be charged for a replacement unit at $1250.

Oxygen Litre Flow -

The concentrators have variable flow rates, and controlled by a gage dial on the front/middle of the unit.   Please adjust the dial carefully so as not to set the ball above the highest mark or below the lowest mark. 

Humidifier/Diffuser - Cool Distilled Water ONLY.

This accessory may be required when air is too dry for the user.  Only use COOL DISTILLED water in the Humidifier. The humidifier hose is found in a compartment to the left back upper side of the unit, and must be returned to this compartment after use. Attached the Humidifier/Diffuser hose to the metal nipple on the front top right of the machine.  Tap water can be boiled to make distilled water, but the water has to be cooled before pouring into the bottle, or it will crack the bottle, and a replacement charge of $30 for a replacement will be applied.  Do not use bottled spring water, their mineral content creates hard deposits in the tube and affects oxygen flow efficiency. Do not over fill the humidifier bottle.  Instructions for use can be found in the manual provided at the time of delivery.  The Humidifier hose attaches to the Oxygen Concentrator Unit nipple on the upper front right side of the unit and one of the two nipples on top of the Humidifier Bottle lid, and the breathing apparatus cannula attaches to the other nipple on top of the Humidifier Bottle lid. 

Multiple users -

Two people may use the concentrator together.  Attach the Y connector hose (found in the accessory bag) to the nipple on the front upper right side of the oxygen concentrator unit.   Connect a cannula to each side of the Y connector.   A Physician's prescription is typically to set at 2LPM for one person, so set the unit to 4/5LPM for two users.


Never unplug the concentrator when it is running, always turn the unit off first. 

Never cover the Airintake filter with anything.  Never set the unit close to other furnishing.  Restricting air flow can damage the concentrator.

ALWAYS Keep away from open flames, fire places, stoves and all smoking.

Care -

Keep away from dusty or dirty areas.

Keep unit upright and on the base wheels.  


Tap the circle twice.  Battery will luminate. Pulse will show 1-5.

To decrease or increase tap number and set Oxygen Pulse 1 - 5 Litres per minute.  It is PULSED not CONTINUOUS flow.

You can tap the Settings Wheel to adjusct Volume, Brightness etc - the Operating Manual arrived with unit in unit box.  For your ease video instructions follow:


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