Absolutely OXYGEN Telluride LLC.

 Please read. This is your Contract.  Your Supplemental Oxygen Service Supply Agreement, and Procedures.

 Your booking/reservation/payment is considered by Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC

as your acceptance and agreement of the Supplemental Oxygen Supply Service Agreement Contract.

Supplemental Oxygen Concentrator UNITS are due for PICK UP from 10:00AM the day the Supplemental Oxygen Service Contract ends.

ATTENTION.  Please refer to the Oxygen Concentrator Unit OPERATING INSTRUCTION MANUAL provided at time of delivery.  Operating instructions can also be found on this website at the o2 Unit Instructions page. 




OXYGEN THERAPY DESCRIPTION.   Supplemental Oxygen Therapy is administered using an Oxygen Concentrator Unit and Breathing Cannula.  Supplemental Oxygen Therapy is intended only for the prevention and/or relief of Altitude Sickness (medically diagnosed as Acute Mountain Sickness - AMS).   Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC makes no medical claims and does not guarantee your cure of symptoms.  Supplemental Oxygen Therapy administered using a nasal cannula has proven to be a successful method of treating the symptoms of AMS.

Supplemental OXYGEN THERAPY DAY AND NIGHT.  To receive supplemental oxygen therapy, breath through the nasal cannula.  You can do so as and when your symptoms dictate.  During sleep, symptoms of AMS can increase and effect you more.  While sleeping is a good time to use supplemental oxygen therapy.  Ensure the cannula is fitted properly DO NOT place the hose around your neck.  The Cannula hose rests on the ears and on the face.  NEVER place the hose around your neck/head.  Always supervise Children day or night using oxygen therapy.

BOOKING.  Credit Card payments are processed in full at the time of reserving/booking your Supplemental Oxygen Service. 

RESERVATIONS Made with 24 Hours of Delivery.  A $40 convenience fee is applied.

AFTER HOURS DELIVERY.  *Telluride & Mountain Village ONLY 24 HOUR Service*-  Deliveries between 9pm and 6am $100 after hours fee is applied at booking/payment. 


More than 48 Hours notice - a $50 Non refundable deposit is applied and deducted from your reservation payment.

Within 48 Hours - where Cancellation occurs within 48 hours of delivery. 50% of the invoice total is charged and deducted from your booking/reservation payment.  

To cancel please call 970 708 8998 or email o2tellurideco.com

OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR UNIT DELIVERY.  The Oxygen Concentrator Unit will be delivered between 12pm - 6pm the first day of the Supplemental Oxygen Service.  While every attempt is made to be reliable, there may unforeseen mountain circumstances affecting efficiency.  Please know that all seasons Telluride is subject to dramatic weather conditions, and with one road in and out of Telluride and Mountain Village, traffic can (rarely) backs up.  Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC accepts no blame or liability for failure to deliver/supply oxygen concentration units, even when a fully paid booking/reservation exists. No compensation is offered.

RETURN OF OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR UNIT.  Your Supplemental Oxygen Concentrator Service includes delivery and collection of the Oxygen Concentrator Unit to and from the address provided at time of delivery, and provided at the time of the booking/reservation.

PICK UP OF OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR UNIT.  Please make the Oxygen Concentrator Unit available by 10am on the morning after the Supplemental Oxygen Service ends - detailed at the time of booking.  Place accessories / instructions provided at delivery, place accessories under cover with the unit, cover provided at time of delivery,

RETURN / PICK UP - CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY.  As a Client, you are responsible for making the Oxygen Concentrator Unit and Accessories available for full and prompt return on the due back date/time, detailed at time of booking or delivered with the unit.  When the oxygen concentrator unit is not returned your Credit Card will be charged $75 fee for the Return To Pick Up service.  Where the oxygen concentrator unit is not returned within 3 hours of the original Service completion and the Client has failed to communicate or respond to Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC's communication, a $145 Service Extension fee will be applied to the credit card used at the original Service booking/reservation.  Where the oxygen concentrator unit is not returned within 24 hours of the Service completing, a $1250.00 fee to replace the Oxygen Concentrator Unit, accessories and cover the loss of Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC's Oxygen Service Business will be made to the credit card used for the original Service booking/reservation.  


Damage to Oxygen Concentrator Unit and loss of Unit Accessories - hose door, dial, gage, wheels, unit casing, cable etc, will incur charges of replace or repair damage, plus a $50 fee, to the credit card provided at time of booking/reservation.

When accessories are damaged or missing after the Service has completed.  The following charges will be made to the credit card used to book/reserve the Service.  

Oxygen Concentrator Laminate or Manual provided at delivery if damaged or not returned incurs a $30 Fee.   

Oximeter provided at delivery if damaged or not returned $45 Replacement Fee.

Two Person Y Splitter and hose provided at delivery if damaged or not returned incurs a $25 Replacement Fee.  

Water Humidifier Bottle and Diffuser (Top) provided at delivery if damaged, has been used with Aromatherapy Essences or not returned incurs a $30 Replacement Fee. 

Zip Accessory Bag provided at delivery if damaged or not returned incurs a $10 Replacement Fee.

Humidirier Hose (found in compartment at rear top left of unit) provided at delivery, if damaged or not returned incurs a $60 Replacement Fee. 

Air Intake Vent Cover.  Attached to Air Intake Grill.  If damaged or not returned incurs $60 Replacement Fee.

Oxygen Concentrator Unit Cover - Blue Tarp - provided at delivery if damaged or not returned incurs a $20 Replacement Fee.

Credit Card Processing Fees are deducted from refunds @ 3.5%/15cents per transaction.


If you plan to leave ahead of your scheduled end of Oxygen Service date, please advise so equipment is not left outside overnight, or becomes locked in residence. This could incur charges as below.

The Oxygen Concentrator and Accessories have to be available for collection by 10am on the final day of service.  We DO NOT ENTER/TRESPASS roam a property looking for missing items.  Place the Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC Oxygen Concentrator Unit with Accessories back under the cover provided at time of delivery.   Place the covered Oxygen Concentrator Unit with the accessories and instructions, just inside the unlocked front door, or set back (out of weather) of the residence porch, identified as the delivery/pick up address, at booking.  If a Hotel Guest, return the Oxygen Concentrator Unit with Accessories to the Hotel's Front Desk, Bell or Concierge Stand and make it known via text, email or telephone call to Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC.  

When an Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC Concentrator Unit is not available for the agreed pick up, issued at the time of Service reservation, this will incur a $75 Return to Pick Up Fee, and/or after 3 hours of failing to return or communicate with Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC, a 'With No Prior Agreement Rental Extension fee of $145 Per Night will apply. These terms and fees are non negotiable.  Fees will be applied to the Credit Card provided at time of booking/reservation.  Notice of these charges will be sent to the number used at the time of booking/reservation.  


Where a reservation is made by an Agent (Third Party), such as an Event Planner, Property Manager, Travel Agent, Personal Assistant, Business Manager, Concierge, Hotel Front Desk, Relative or similar.  As the Third Party Agent you are responsible for the reservation, and any additional charges and/or accessory replacement and/or repair fees due to Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC.  This includes, and is not limited to credit card chargebacks and all associate fees.  

Please confirm with your client, and gain full and final approval from your client, that you are endorsed as their Agent, with their permission to represent them in transactions and contracts with Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC.  When making a reservation as a Third Party Agent you are confirming that you unreservedly have your client's full consent and accept all Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC's Terms and Conditions of Contract, on their (your clients/end users's) behalf, and that you have made your client/the end user aware of all associated costs. as well as this Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC Terms and Conditions of Contract document.

Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC does not subcontract to any other Supplemental Oxygen Service Company.

Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC is not a Medical Provider.

Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC does not accept Medical Insurance as payment for Services.

Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC does not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC a non-participating entity and does not accept assignment.

Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC does not offer delayed or credit term payments.

Please note that you are the Client and Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC is the Oxygen Service Provider, and that upon making your Oxygen Concentrator Service booking and payment, you do so having fully read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Oxygen Service Contract, provided here on this Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC website.