Seamless Local Service 

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DELIVERY |  The Oxygen Concentrator Unit will arrive pristine and ready to flow.  Oxygen Concentrator Units are typically delivered between 2pm - 6pm, sometimes earlier, rarely late.  While every attempt is made to be reliable, there may unforeseen mountain circumstances affecting efficiency.  Please know that Telluride is subject to dramatic weather conditions and with one road in and out of Telluride and Mountain Village, traffic can (rarely) backs up. Ski season is busiest. Same day delivery incurs $40 convenience fee.  Emergency OUTSIDE HOURS (6am-9pm) delivery incurs $150 Call Out fee.

RETURN |  Oxygen Concentrator Services includes delivery and collection of the Oxygen Concentrator Unit to and from the address provided at time of delivery, and noted on your booking confirmation text or email, provided at the time of booking/reservation. 

PROMPT PICK UP |  Please make the Oxygen Concentrator Unit available by 10am on the final day - noted on your booking confirmation, and the reminder of the last day.  Place accessories / instructions provided at delivery, under cover with the unit, cover provided at time of delivery, Return of Accessories and Undamaged Equipment is NOT the responsibility of Housekeeping, Hotel or Property Management.  Pack Oxygen Unit and Accessories to avoid charges for missing items.  Damage to Oxygen Concentrator Unit and loss of Unit Accessories - filter/hose door, dial, flow meter, wheels, unit casing, cable, tarp bag, 2 person connector etc, will incur charges to replace or repair damage. 

RETURN PROCESS |  Place the Oxygen Concentrator Unit, with all accessories under the cover provided.  Place just inside the front door, or set back (out of weather) on the porch area at the residence, identified as the delivery/pick up address, noted on booking confirmation.  If a Hotel Guest, return Oxygen Concentrator Unit to Hotel's Front Desk, Bell or Concierge Stand and make it known to Absolutely Oxygent via text, email or telephone. FAILURE TO MAKE UNIT & ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE will incur DAILY RATE CHARGE & RETURN PICK-UP CHARGE of $100.

ACCESSIBILITY | CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY |  Absolutely Oxygen Telluride llc does not want to add charges, we just want back what we rent out, and returned in the pristine condition equipment was delivered.  As Client, you are responsible for making the Oxygen Concentrator Unit and Accessories available for complete and prompt return (pick-up) on the due back date/time, detailed at time of booking.  When the Oxygen Concentrator Unit is not returned your Credit Card will be charged $75 fee for the Return To Pick Up service.  Where the Oxygen Concentrator Unit is not returned, and the Client has failed to communicate or respond to Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC's communication, a $145 Extension fee will be applied to the credit card used at the time of booking/reservation.  Where the Oxygen Concentrator Unit is not returned within 24 hours of the service completing, a $1500.00 fee to replace the Oxygen Concentrator Unit, accessories and cover the loss of Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC's income will be made to the credit card used at the time of booking/reservation. 


Absolutely Oxygen Equipment and Accessories arrived with you in complete and pristine condition.  Where equipment, and or accessories are damaged or missing. The following charges will be made to the credit card used at booking/reservation.

Oxygen Concentrator Manual provided - damaged or not returned incurs a $30 Fee.   

Canvass Zip Wallet, attached to unit, housing Manual and 2 Person Y Connector - not returned incurs $15 Fee.

Two Person Y Splitter and hose provided - damaged or not returned incurs a $25 Fee. 

Oximeter provided at delivery - damaged or not returned $45 Replacement Fee.

Oximeter clip  - damaged or not returned $15 Replacement Fee.

Water Humidifier Bottle - damaged or not returned incurs a $30 fee. 

Humidifier Hose or Bottle Screw, attaches Humidifier Bottle to Concentrator Unit - any part of the 2 Part Hose damaged or not returned incurs a $60 fee.

Air Intake Vent Cover, attached to intake grill - damaged or not returned incurs a $75 fee.

Concentrator Filter - missing incurs $60 fee.

Blue Tarp Oxygen Concentrator Unit Cover provided - not returned incurs a $20 fee.

Damage and/or loss to Supplemental Oxygen Concentrator Unit and Unit Accessories - hose door, dial, gage, wheels, unit casing, cable etc, will incur charges of cost to replace or repair plus $50 fee, to the credit card provided at time of booking/reservation.  Notice will be provided to contact provided at time of delivery..

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