Rogue operators get their hands on oxygen concentrators and pose as a safe business. They operate ignoring the FDA, without professional insurance and manufacture's approval! They are facilitated by resort workers who ignore the facts for gratuities! It's difficult for the public to see past websites concealing a lack of legitimate safety credentials, medical equipment industry insurance or FDA compliance.  
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Trust Telluride and Mountain Village's ONLY truly LOCAL, LAWFULLY operated Philips Respironics Approved oxygen business with your oxygen health at altitude.  Absolutely Oxygen's equipment is pristine and arrives sanitized with an array of useful accessories. 1000's of delighted clients trust Karen at Absolutely Oxygen - 100 + 5 Star Reviews .


As the areas leading Oxygen equipment provider for rental, sales and service Absolutely Oxygen Telluride llc's founder and owner Karen Marshall has helped thousands of clients with altitude challenges when visiting Telluride and Mountain Village, Colorado.  Karen is a trusted 30 year qualified Health & Wellness professional with a proven reputation backed by genuine client reviews for consistent caring quality of service. Altitude Sickness and Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is caused by greatly reduced oxygen levels while at high altitude.  Travelling from sea level, quickly riising or dropping in altitude, and engaging in physical activity at altitude makes us more susceptible to Altitude Sickness.  Symptoms are non-specific ranging through flu like symptoms, headaches, dizziness, rapid pulse/heart-rate, sickness, breathlessness etc.  Altitude Sickness and AMS strike at random affecting people at any age, and regardless of physical condition, but those with increased risk are our seniors, smokers, asthma sufferers, respiratory complaints - COPD, Emphysema, etc.
40% of Visitors experience Altitude Sickness

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Clients arrange oxygen delivery for many reasons, typically it's to prevent the reoccurrence of a previously bad experience, but many want to avoid wasting their trip investment having heard of altitude challenges due to illness.  Ideally use the pure concentrated oxygen for 20 minutes or more upon arriving in resort, additionally sleep with your oxygen (equipment so quiet it's possible), use oxygen when symptoms appear or whenever you just feel like an oxygen top up.  Physicians prescribing for patients regularly recommend sleeping with concentrateed oxygen.  Ultimately, using oxygen will enhance your all-round mountain experience, you'll feel energized for skiing, hiking or just enjoying the San Juan's stunning summer or winter scenery. The benefit of arranging oxygen throughout your stay is your ability to manage altitude symptoms as they appear.  




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