Hello friend, 

I'm Karen, an experienced and long standing Wellness Professional, based in Telluride.


The advantages of using  Absolutely OXYGEN  are many.  Starting with we are TRULY local, respond and deliver FAST.   My REPUTATION, and concentrator quality is  unmatched, and why clients return season after season..   When you book with Absolutely OXYGEN Telluride, you are secure in the knowledge that Karen is local to Telluride CONSISTENTLY,  rooted here as a home owner, which is not often the case with transient mountain 'rental' living.  Absolutely Oxygen is not an online business operated remotely, or a second job!  Caring for people is Karen's calling.  Karen takes her work and clients seriously.  When you book with Absolutely Oxygen, you deal with Karen through booking, delivery and pick up. It's why AOT has 5 STAR REVIEWS

'It's always a pleasure' is Absolutely Oxygen's mantra.

When you choose Absolutely Oxygen, you are dealing with a reliable provider, offering seamless delivery, pick up and unit maintenance. And most importantly Absolutely Oxygen Telluride LLC is licensed and insured in both Telluride and Mountain Village, and insured.  Absolutely Oxygen is the ONLY local Philips Medical Respironics Approved Dealer for Respironics Rental, Sales and Equipment Service.

Absolutely OXYGEN Telluride LLC - does NOT present as medical professionals, but Karen's physiology and anatomy training assists with oxygen services.  The core of Karen's extensive fitness and spa training was focused on the health and safety of the client, and supports the advanced spa services Karen provides.  Karen's First Aid Certification is current.  'I know the limits of supplemental oxygen services, and specifically how to direct clients to the appropriate level of care. Always People before $$$.'  

Karen  has long worked with oxygen, starting with facial esthetics.  'I realized I could offer oxygen inhalation therapy as an add on service during massage, reflexology, mani/pedi's etc..  Increasingly spa clients commented on their local Oxygen Rental Service experience, and asked about renting my (then one) unit.  'BOOM' -  Absolutely OXYGEN Telluride llc was born.     I appreciate how my Spa and Supplemental Oxygen Service compliment each other, and especially how my (now) army of oxygen concentrators supports my family.  Karen is a single parent, with a son 10, daughter 18, who make the most of the Telluride region.  Karen donates to a variety of Telluride Charities and Organizations.

'This work is so rewarding and it's such fun to meet our visitors,. I am thrilled when I hear my client has responded well to oxygen therapy.  I am English, and my accent always stirs up fun conversations during delivery . It's all good.


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